Nissan LEAF Navigation Override

How to install the Car Kit Company Remote Bypass Kit in the Nissan LEAF.

A video on removing the center console is availible from EVSEUpgrade.

*Do not do this with the car on and do not turn the car on while anything is disconnected.*

1. Pull on the bottom sides of the center console

2. Pull on the top corners of the center console

3. Lift each side up and out

4. Disconnect the hazard lights

5. Lay the center console gently on the cup holders

6. Unscrew the 4 screws on the AV unit brackets

7. Lift up to unhook the bracket and pull the navigation unit out

8. Disconnect the main wire harness

9. Connect the new wire harness to the old wire harness

10. Connect the new wire harness to the AV unit

11. Connect the relay harness to the new AV wire harness

12. Connect the ground wire to a bolt. I used the bolt on the AV unit bracket

13. On the relay harness connect the gray parking wire to either the permanent or switched connector.

14. Reinstall the AV unit carefully tucking the wiring harnesses behind the unit and mount the relay on top of the AV unit in the far back. Ensure that it will not interfere with the ducting.

15. Reinstall the 4 AV bracket screws, reconnect the hazard switch, and reinstall the center console.

Button 1 on the remote activates the parking brake override
Button 2 will enable the navigation to be used while moving
Button 3 will activate the backup camera

16. To program these function ito the homelink system press and hold the button you want to program, when the light starts flashing press the button on the remote until the light starts flashing quicker, this indicates that it has been programmed.